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Video Games

Super Mario Bros. Sound Re-Design

“If sound designers had the capabilities in the early 80s that we have nowadays…”


Comparison of game audio APIs

A Little Gem 2

When I was playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time I used to just stand at the Fairy Fountain location for a while listening to this.

And perhaps you have never heard this? This awesome remix on Zelda music by Ochre features the theme as well.

A Little Gem

Sometimes true magic comes from small tunes like this…

Charlie Brooker’s Guide to Videogames

That’s an awesome “guide”! Actually, it’s even more interesting to watch for a person who knows games industry well. It will teach nothing to newbie really – to many insider’s jokes.

The program is done with such passion: just look at the details, music accompanying each scene, precisely found bits of gameplay… and Charlie just really knows what he is talking about. In fact, I think he understands games better than some IGN “experts”. ;)