Music and Sound Design

Sound Design

Super Mario Bros. Sound Re-Design

“If sound designers had the capabilities in the early 80s that we have nowadays…”


Comparison of game audio APIs

Alan Wake audio team interviews

Great detailed interview with Alan Wake audio team here. And then also a nicely thorough talk with Petri Alanko, the composer.

Sound Design for King Kong

Incredible how they run around with a whole team of people for every possible small sound to record. Hollywood budget. But it is a fun challenge when you have to do all this with 2-3 helpers maximum, or even totally on your own.

There are 7 parts of this, each on different phase of sound design, dialogue and soundtrack recording. Not much to learn, but nice to see the scale of production.

Action movie sound design

There’s a great moment when they show how a particular gun shot was made: layers of different SFX and none of them is an actual gun shot sound.