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Tech fetish

I personally have no use for this piece of gear in my studio currently, but hell, such a beautiful piece of hardware! :)

Printed music library online

If you are ever in an urgent need to take a glance on some classical piece – I highly recommend you this online printed music library. It’s in Russian (use Google Translate), but it has tons of scanned music, like, for example, all the most popular pieces for piano. As well as full orchestra score, jazz songs, choir etc. Maybe if you play a piece it will be better to get proper score (printed stuff doesn’t look so good and can be hard to read), but as a “take a quick look at that Chopin prelude” resource it is simply irreplaceable!

Jon Hopkins Monsters soundtrack

Jon Hopkins is, to my mind, one of the most interesting artists in electronic music today. His album “Insides” is very special, personal and doesn’t try to please anyone – best release of 2009, probably.

Now, unexpectedly, he is scoring a Hollywood movie… Not that a movie with such plot would ever be suspected to be original in any way, but because Hopkins is on board the soundtrack is something to listen to.

August Lion: pianist, composer, sound designer

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