Music and Sound Design

Samplitude for DAW

There are certain stereotypes in the audio industry and, to my mind, they are really just stereotypes. When you hear about best multitrack software the list will feature Cubase/Nuendo, Logic, ProTools first. Some years ago I felt somewhat pressured to learn Cubase, so that I meet “the standard” and can write this magic name in my CV. Yet, the only magic I found was from Magix. Samplitude is what I started with back in the end of 90s, and that’s still my choice today.

I just don’t get it how people can wait for so long to just load the fricking Cubase!? What is it loading there? Samplitude opens in a couple of seconds. I always loved that. Maybe it’s irrational, since you need to load your DAW just once to start the work, but once you are used to see a window with proposal to load the most recent projects in a couple of seconds – why would you wait for eternity?

Anyway, that’s not the main reason to like Samplitude. I think its object-based editing is just incredible. It really gives me a feeling of flow. You can split audio into different segments, manipulate their length, duplicate, apply different insert effects to each segment…

On YouTube kraznet is regularly publishing tutorials, some of them are very useful.

Nowadays you can achieve necessary results with so many competing applications – approach is going to be slightly different, but result – the same. I think the time of “industry standards” in software is practically gone. Just find your most inspiring tools that let you work effectively and fit you best.


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